Arrow Fans: Oliver Queen’s Dossier lands 14 October 2016

Coming this October (on Friday 14th, to be more precise), is Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier. Just in time for Season five of the series that started one of the finest televisual franchises in a long while. Written by Nick Aires (who also wrote the Heroes and Villains book to accompany the show a couple of years ago), this book is a look at the criminals of Starling City and looks like it could be a fun little reference book to flick through.

Here’s the official low-down from Titan Books:

Titan Books presents Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier, a stunning in-universe exploration of intelligence and information that Oliver Queen has collated on nefarious business dealings and criminal activity in Starling City. Including hard copy duplicates of confidential government and business documents acquired by Oliver and Felicity Smoak, top secret schematics for Arrow’s weaponry, and information on his family and allies, Arrow: Oliver Queen’s Dossier will delight fans and allow them to be immersed further into the DC Super Hero’s world.

I’m a big fan of the show – despite it being more Batman than Green Arrow and last season being a little … odd. This is one book that I think will be finding its way onto my book case!

Oliver Queen's Dossier

Source: Press Release
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