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The Art of Hammer is the first ever collection of rare and iconic Hammer film posters, with nearly 300 examples drawn from Hammer’s own archive and private collections from around the world [Titan Books, 29 Oct 2010, £24.99]!

Hammer is almost as well known for the way it promoted its films as for the films themselves. The legendary British production company supported each new release with eye-catching posters that have become classics of their kind.

Licensed by Coolabi, fully authorised by Hammer Film Productions Ltd and annotated by acclaimed historian Marcus Hearn, (author of the recent bestseller Hammer Glamour) The Art of Hammer is a testament to the company’s pioneering mastery of film promotion, and a celebration of movie art at its best!

Originally founded in 1934, the legendary British horror film studio Hammer Films has delivered a hugely successful run of movies over the years including Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein and The Quatermass Xperiment. Purchased by Exclusive Media Group, the iconic and beloved UK film brand has been revamped for 2010 and returns with Let Me In, the first new film production from the studio in over 30 years.

Marcus Hearn is the acclaimed author of Titan’s Hammer Glamour and The Hammer Story (with Alan Barnes). His other books include authorised biographies of filmmakers George Lucas and Gerry Anderson, and Eight Days a Week, the story of The Beatles’ final world tour.

The Top Ten Hammer Poster Taglines

The terrifying lover, who died – yet lived!
Dracula, 1958

Frankenstein spills it, Dracula drinks it!
The Curse of Frankenstein/Dracula double bill

Their oath was – TERROR! Their cry – BLOOD! Their goal – DEATH!
Captain Clegg (aka Night Creatures), 1962

White-hot terror! Cold, clammy fear!
Maniac, 1963

Doomed to walk the Earth as slaves to the Lord of the Living Dead!
The Plague of the Zombies, 1966.

Beware the beat of the cloth-wrapped feet!
The Mummy’s Shroud, 1967

Man at the mercy of a Kingdom of Prehistoric Women!
Slave Girls (aka Prehistoric Women), 1968

See helpless beauties attacked by crazed kelp-monsters!
The Lost Continent, 1968

A severed hand beckons from an open grave!
Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb, 1971

The Time: Now
The Place: Kings Road, Chelsea
The Killer: Count Dracula
The Count is back, with an eye for London’s hotpants – and a taste for everything.
Dracula A.D. 1972,

GS reporter: Nuge

Source: Titan Books

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