Dance With Dragons – Release Date Finally Announced!

Those of you who regularly listen to Scrolls will know what a massive fan I am of George RR Martin’s amazing series, A Song of Ice and Fire.  The first book A Game of Thrones has recently been made into a tv series by HBO and is due to be shown this April on Sky Atlantic.  Enough to get any fan champing at the bit.  As each new teaser and trailer appear the expectations for the show rise higher – but this is nothing, absolutely nothing compared to the anticipation with which his readers have been tortured by waiting for the next book to come out.

Four books in (out of a proposed seven) and for a long time he seemed to have just… stalled.  Book four (A Feast For Crows) had grown so large that he made the daring decision to split it into two volumes, so naturally we all reasoned that book 5 (A Dance With Dragons) would be out in fairly short order.  I mean, surely.  Right?

Well for six long years fans have slavered, whimpered, berated, threatened and sighed morosely waiting for the follow up to arrive – that is until today when  George RR Martin finally announced a release date – put it in your diaries, folks – of 12th July 2011.

It’s going to be a huge year for this sequence of books.  With hundreds of thousands of people being introduced to it via the HBO show, sales of his books (old and new) are sure to explode as people tear through page after gripping page.  I may just have to pick them up again myself but – here’s the problem – once we’ve finished A Dance With Dragons, eager eyes will turn once more in Martin’s direction, hungry for the next volume.

And we’ll find ourselves tortured all over again.

Well, some hells are worth putting yourself through.  Now, what are you doing reading this for?  Go pick up A Game of Thrones and get ahead of the crowd.  If you hurry you may just catch up in time to Dance With Dragons, and what a joyous dance it’ll be.

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