Gaie Sebold’s “Dangerous Gifts” Out in January

DANGEROUS GIFTS (1)“Dangerous Gifts”, the follow up to Gaie Sebolds debut novel “Babylon Steel”, has a release date from Solaris Press of 31st January 2013 (29th Jan in the US).  The exploits of warrior-turned-brothel-owner Steel continue as she is hired as a bodyguard to a young girl magically transformed into a figure of legend. Full Press Release after the cut.

After her debut earlier this year, Gaie Sebold’s brilliant female character, Babylon Steel, returns in January with a new job and a new adventure!

Babylon has been offered a job. Two jobs, really: bodyguard to Enthemmerlee, a girl transformed into a figure of legend and spy for the barely-acknowledged government of Scalentine. A prime target for assassination, Babylon must somehow turn Enthemmerlee’s useless household guard into a fighting force, while dodging the oppressive Moral Statutes. All of which would be hard enough, were she not already distracted by threats to both her livelihood and those dearest to her…

Witty and fresh, Babylon Steel was the most exciting fantasy debut in years. With Dangerous Gifts, Sebold returns to her fascinating heroine and delves further into Babylon’s world of pleasure and business with a novel that will appeal to fans of action, fantasy, and pure adventure!

Source: Rebellion/Solaris

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