GameTale – A Gamebook for 3-9 Year Olds

If you head on over to Kickstarter right now using this very link, you will find a delightful little project aimed at the small children in your life.

GameTale is an adventure game-book which follows the cutest gremlin I’ve ever seen – Gremmy on an adventure strung together by the book’s reader. There are almost a hundred paths through the book, meaning this has a lot of re-readability to it. The book is currently available as a free downloadable PDF and the kickstarter is so that the author can produce a printed version of the book.

gametale book

Here’s the official low-down from the GameTale website:


How do you make little children fall in love with a book? How about giving them the chance to choose what will happen inside? The opportunity for a child and a parent to play together and make the decisions that will shape the fairy tale is something you will not find anywhere else.


The book sparks the imagination of children with nearly a hundred ways to be read and helps them understand how their choices shape their reality with twenty different endings.

I am a huge fan of interactive fiction like this and also have a young daughter who is fast approaching her third birthday. I read to her every night – quite often she will want the same books over and over which can get a little tiresome. But – with GameTale: Gremmy’s Adventure, the same book can be followed in completely different ways. Being able to let Kara make the decisions and branch the story herself is brilliant.

So please join me in making a pledge for a print version of GameTale.


Source: Kickstarter (via Jonathan Green)
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