Moving Target – Green Arrow’s Secret History Revealed

I quite often tell people that Green Arrow was my main “in” to comics. While not the first comic series I bought (the first hardback collection of Ultimate Spider-Man holds that title), Green Arrow got me thinking about reading comics. It was the mid 2000s and Justice League Unlimited was on toonami. The character who I instantly got on board with – Green Arrow. So the third comic collection I got hold of was Kevin Smith’s Quiver run.

Since then, I’ve been a fan of the character, even if I have fallen away from ongoing comic series since the New 52 relaunch. Despite being a fan and reading old issues, I’ve never known much about the “real world” history of the character. So when this press release from SEQUART came through about a reference book detailing the “History and Evolution of Green Arrow”, you can bet I was intrigued. Here’s the official blurb:

Sequart Organization is proud to announce the publication of Moving Target: The History and Evolution of Green Arrow, by Richard Gray.


For 75 years, Green Arrow has been a part of the DC Comics world, working his way up from a supporting player to the star of a flagship television series. Yet for much of his career, he was a hero without a home, separate from his contemporaries, or unfavorably compared with a certain Dark Knight.


Whether it is the “cowboys and Indians” influences of the 1940s and 1950s, the rebellious realism of the 1970s, the darker edge of the 1980s, or the melodrama of his TV personas, Green Arrow has remained the conscience of the comics world, and perhaps an even better representative than Batman of what one person can do.


This collection is the definitive analysis of the Emerald Archer, from his Golden Age origins to his small screen adventures and beyond. Exploring overlooked chapters of Green Arrow’s life, and those of alter ego Oliver Queen, this book shows that Green Arrow has never been just one thing, but rather a perpetually moving target. Includes new interviews with Green Arrow creators from across the decades, including Neal Adams, Mike Grell, Chuck Dixon, Phil Hester, Brad Meltzer, and Jeff Lemire.


The book runs 338 pages and features a foreword by Phil Hester, in addition to the high-profile interviews mentioned above.


The book is now is available in print and on Kindle. (Just a reminder: you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle-formatted books; you can download a free Kindle reader for most computers, phones, and tablets.) Find out more on the book’s official page or its Facebook page.

I nipped on Amazon and ordered a copy – it’s selling for about £14. I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for the real-world ins-and-outs when it comes to works of fiction (I always watch behind the scenes documentaries and love books that delve into comics, television or video game creation) so this was right up my street. I’ve started reading what it turns out is a 328 page manuscript of interviews and articles. The book is packed with words – images are scattered throughout to help make a point here-and-there but this is a true reference book. I’ll write a review once I’ve read through it. But so far: Thumbs up. Especially at that price.

Green Arrow Moving Target

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