Return Of The Ring to celebrate Tolkien and 75 years of The Hobbit in 2012

With two spectacular Hobbit movies on the way (‘An Unexpected Journey’ and ‘There And Back Again’) and an all new Lord of the Rings computer game ‘War In The North’ with it’s 3-player co-op campaign in development, Middle Earth remains firmly in the public eye.

Unique in the world of geekdom, Tolkien’s world draws in as much interest from scholars as fans.  Bringing the two groups together is fascinating to watch and a thrill to be a part of.  Last year I went to the Festival In The Shire and next August I very much hope to make my way to Loughborough to join the fun at Return Of The Ring a conference/fan event celebrating Tolkien and 75 years of The Hobbit.  Basic details after the break.

After the success of Tolkien 2005 [The Tolkien Society] received many requests for a similar conference. The combination of academic, fandom and creative streams begs for more than a few days, and after all it takes some time and effort to drink the pub dry (ask anyone who went to 2005)! We are pleased to announce The Return of the Ring, Celebrating Tolkien in 2012.

Join us at Loughborough University, Leicestershire just after the 2012 Olympics to renew our fellowship, make new friends, and celebrate the legacy of The Professor. In addition to presentations on all aspects of Tolkien’s creation we will host a dealer’s room and an art exhibit. There will be special events planned for young Hobbits, and the ever-popular tours. The evenings will feature a variety of entertainments, including an Opening Ceremony, a Costume Masquerade, and a Ceilidh. Of course no meeting of Tolkien aficionados is complete without a banquet, and this one will be no exception.

A number of special guests have been invited to join us, and we will let you know as we receive their confirmations. To date we look forward to welcoming noted authors Tom Shippey and Brian Sibley, with more announcements expected soon.

I have since learned that other guests confirmed include John Garth, Dimitra Fimi, Colin Duriez, Ted Nasmith, Jef Murray, Mike Foster and Corey Olsen (The Tolkien Professor)

Will I be seeing you there?

GS Reporter: Dion

Source: Return Of The Ring

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