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Scrolls Book Group: Jennifer Government

Dion and Phil are joined by Carey ‘Two-Monkeys’ from Geektress and Matt ‘The Grampus’ from Dissecting Worlds to discuss near-future anti-capitalist satirical romp Jennifer Government, by Max Barry.

Spoilers abound, so as ever for these Book Group Specials you will get the most enjoyment if you read the book first.  Don’t feel you have to strain the bank though – why not help Save The Libraries and order in your copy as soon as possible.  The book is a quick read and a lot of fun.

The next ‘normal’ episode of Scrolls will be recording soon on the theme of ‘Gods and Sods’ and the next Book Group Special is planned for September, featuring the brand new volume in the Game of Thrones saga A Dance With Dragons.

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