Book Review – Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Written by – Seth Grahame-Smith
Published by – Corsair
ISBN – 9781849014083

From the mind of the man who gave the world Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Seth Grahame Smith comes the fictional biography of, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The book opens with a fictionalised version of the author working in a small towns corner store. Frustrated with his lot in life trying without success to write a novel, when one night a regular customer comes into the store with a stack of books wanting him to turn them into a novel, these being the undiscovered journals of Abraham Lincoln.

This is a story that spans the whole of Lincoln’s life, starting in 1818 with the death of Lincoln’s mother, when he learns that it was not a natural sickness that cased her death but a vampire, he devotes his life to becoming a vampire hunter to kill as many vampires as he possibly can.

After a disastrous first hunt, he is saved by the mysterious Henry, a vampire who convinces Abraham not to judge all his kind by what they are, but by their deeds, he tutors Abraham so he can hold his own the next time he embarks on a hunt, steering him towards vampires that are the worse Henry has heard of and are deserving of his attention.

These hunts take Abraham all over the country dispatching vampires, becoming life long friends with various people. While living his life, he becomes a Lawyer, Senator and eventually President of the United States of America.

Seth Grahame-Smith has created a very surprising book, from the title and the blurb of the book I was expecting an action packed tongue in cheek adventure tale.

What I read however was an attempt to write the story of Abraham Lincoln’s life with one supernatural addition, vampires exist and Abraham wanted to rid the country of as many as possible. Seth Grahame-Smith has woven his vampires into the real events of Abe’s life very well, giving new reasoning to some of Abe’s most famous moments of his life, I would like to mention here the doctored photos spaced throughout the book, I thought these were a very nice touch.

The story keeps moving at a good pace, with no filler material I could see, the events were well described and new characters in Abe’s life well defined, Seth Grahame-Smith has included elements of Abe’s life that did not included vampires, which were enjoyable to read, giving Abe this extra layer of story really help to show him and his whole character.

The story has a decent amount of action, not as much as I was expecting given the genre, but when the violence does occur, it is to a satisfying degree.

The story at times turns to a dark and sombre note, especially as Abe struggles through some of the events of his life, these take its toll on the man and he suffers with depression, this was a surprising turn for the character, but was well done none the less and this gave a welcome sense of honesty to the writing of Abe and his life.

If you are after a engaging and entertaining read, that is a real world story with a touch of the supernatural added to it, then you could do a lot worse the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.


GS Reviewer: Glen

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