BOOK REVIEW: ‘Depth’ Lev AC Rosen

You’ll never sink a New Yorker

‘Depth’ by Lev AC Rosen Published by Titan Books

The first sentences of this book have us leaping into a stake out with the main protagonist in New York of the future. Unlike many futuristic novels, the world we find ourselves in is beautifully woven into the fabric of the storyline turning what could be just an ordinary detective story into a rich dystopia.

This mysterious thriller is given an extra level of intrigue through the book using fashion, architecture, culture and even character’s names discretely providing the material from which the reader can infer exactly what has happened to the world and how humans now function and survive without the clumsy non sequiturs to be found in some many novels of this genre.

It is obvious that this book is written by a proud New Yorker, the Manhattan based writer describes brilliantly the New Yorkers who of course would never leave their homes even when buildings are flooded to the 21st floor and museums and police stations are forced to find refuge in boats, the city will never give up without a fight.

Great pleasure can be found from just reading the background of this novel and ignoring the story to find out more about what is going on in the geo-political landscape. Reading what a character wears and how they accessorise, the decency laws and the troubles of getting a taxi as well as the evolution of the language, there is so much to extricated that the ‘depth’ of the title refers not only to the ubiquitous watery horizon but also the thought and detail within the pages.

Landscape and the weather are distinct background players in this book playing their own roles as accomplice and murderer in turn. Danger is everywhere in this new world, even joining the characters walking down the street creates anticipation and suspense at every turn as they could be swept away to sea or taken down by ‘foam’ addicted muggers.

The main character has her own demons as one might expect and they are briefly but well explored without distracting from the main storyline. One gets enough information to become engaged with the main characters but not so much that the human angle pulls away from the detective thriller.

This is an excellent read, one that cannot be put down until the denouement arrives with just the right pace. It is a dark story, even the eventual conclusion does not fix all of life’s ills and not everyone who deserves it gets punished. A great book and certainly an inspiration to get hold of more work by this author.

GS Rating: 5/5

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