BOOK REVIEW: Firefly – A Celebration

Firefly – A Celebration is a beautifully bound book that collects together, Firefly: The Official Companion Volumes One and Two and Firefly: Still Flying but is it worth the £35 RRP?

This leather-effect bound, 544 page book is a collection of the previously mentioned books but before I go any further I’ll give you a summary of the books included in this package.

  • Firefly: The Official Companion was originally released in two parts and is a collection of all the scripts as well as previously unseen images and interviews with various members of the cast and crew. The scripts in these volumes are complete scripts however it would have been nice if some of the director notes had have been included.  There is also some really interesting articles about how the costumes were designed.  These volumes are great and contain some really interesting pieces of trivia that any Firefly fan would love.
  • Firefly: Still Flying collects together more unseen images, interviews and also some Firefly fiction from the writers of the series.  This is by far my favourite of the three books, the extra fiction is really well written and this book has a lot of my favourite pieces in looking at behind the scenes especially the pages devoted to the spaceships from the series.

Now back to this package. This brown leather-effect hardcover has Firefly embossed  in gold on the front which makes it feel extra special.   The paper stock used is beautifully glossy and seems a lot better quality than the separate books.  Reading through the book it provides me nothing new however I do prefer it to having the three separate books, it feels like it should have been sold like this all along.

What is extra with this book are nine “frameable” portraits of the cast (just how you have an unframeable one is lost on me) and a replica of one of the bank notes used in the show.  The portraits are advertised as “unseen” and personally I am not a fan of most of them. Generally they feel like they were not used for a good reason, a key example is the image of Zoe where she takes up less than a quarter of the shot. If I am honest I wouldn’t frame any of these portraits as I have seen nicer ones available but they would be good for someone about to get some Firefly autographs.

Overall, this is a beautiful book and it will make a nice replacement for my three individual volumes but it wasn’t something I needed, just something I wanted.  If you have already got the books it probably isn’t worth the price, unless yours have become beaten up and in need of replacing,  this will definitely last longer and the cost of replacing all three is more than the price of this one.  If you haven’t got these books, go for this single edition.  These books are a must for any Firefly fan and will rekindle your love all over again.

Rating: 4/5 if you haven’t got the three books separately, 2/5  if you have
Reviewer: Amy

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