Book Review – The Dark By David Gatward

Lazarus Stone has been killed, resurrected, and attacked by demons. He’s all that stands between our world and the Dead. But things are getting complicated: he’s alone in the land of the Dead, his best mate Craig is missing, and he’s no idea who – or what – tricked his dad into trying to bring back his long-dead mum. Oh, and he’s wearing a corpse’s clothes.

Life, he might think, couldn’t get much worse. But it will…

The Dark picks up the exact moment where The Dead finished.

Lazurus stone is on a mission at the end of the last book his best friend was pulled through by legion into the land of the dead now Lazurus must enter the land of the dead to find Craig and his father, and ultimately stop the dead from breaking into our world.

In the first book “The Dead” you see David Gatward really developing the main character, and also a few secondary characters, these characters are written so well that you can warm to them, and when things are not going well and bad things where happening you feel worried for them.

The Dark develops all these characters further, you have Lazarus who his coming to terms with the fact he is the keeper his best friend Craig who will not leave his side and even in the darkest of moments still manages to put a smile on Lazurus face and of course you have Arielle an alcoholic angel whose job it is to protect the Keeper.

Red turns up again in this book but he is still a mystery to the reader, you feel for Lazarus when he is interrogating Red trying to find out answers to why this is happening where is his father and what must he do. All Red does is talk in riddles, but I am sure we will be seeing alot more of Red in the future books

The Dark was a longer then the first book The Dead and because of this it allows for more action scenes with Lazurus, Craig and Arielle fighting the dead.

Even with all the action it is still a fantastic horror book and you really hope that Lazarus will rescue his father and save the human race from being taken over by the dead.

Now I have to wait till 2011 for the next book.

Overall I would give it a 4 out of 5

GS Reporter:Kelly


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