BOOK REVIEW: The True Adventures of the World’s Greatest Stuntman

A bold statement by one of the industry’s true insiders and boy it does not lie.

 The True Adventures of the World’s Greatest Stuntman

By Vic Armstrong

Titan Books

I love movies and I love action and it always amazes me how more people still do not recognise the stuntman as one of the true stars of most films these days. This book follows the career of Vic Armstrong who literally fell into the business years ago and went from strength to strength working on some the biggest movies of all time.

Vic is truly a legend in the film industry and you can see how much the actors and directors love him by the many personal messages as detailed in this book. He seems to be a actors stuntman by working closely with the actors to get the best outcome for the scene.

He also describes how a lot of time in the start of his career he really was flying by the seat of his pants but also have a fun time doing it.

The book reads like you are sitting in a pub with Vic and he is telling his stories. There is not much detail about all the stunts he did but rather about how he got the work and how it went and how much fun it was, most of the time. He has some amazing stories that will feel like you have been given a sneak peak into a secret club. It also makes you to want and go watch some of the movies again to see Vic in action. For me this was best displayed in the Indiana Jones movies where he was absolutely amazing.

Vic has performed stunts in hundreds of films and has worked as both stunt coordinator and now spends a lot of his time as a second unit director including the recent Thor and upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man. This book is a insight into the World’s Greatest Stuntman and you will not want to miss a page.


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