GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: I’m Going to Talk About Fight Club 2

I am going to talk about Fight Club.

Fight Club continues! Following the cult movie based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk, the sequel arrives as a graphic novel by Palahniuk. With Art Work by Cameron Stewart it feels as though the novel is attempting to bring back the feeling of the hit film with narrative inserts and the portrayals of the characters similar to the look of Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton.

This was my first foray into the graphic novel and reading them appears to be a talent that has to be grown in the same way that one has to get used to listening to audio books. I was rather sceptical taking on a graphic novel but as this film and book mean a lot to me, I was up for giving it a go.

We meet Tyler Durden as a suburban husband known as Sebastian. He and Marla have got married and have had a child. However all is not normal. His son appears to have learnt techniques from Project Mayhem and Marla is still joining support groups. Sebastian is a mess who we join again in a state of insomnia. The members of Fight Club are still around and it is not long before the Narrator’s Mr Hyde makes a dramatic appearance.

This was such a different experience from the unrelenting, intense personal feeling one encounters from the book and film in which the narrative in uninterrupted and flowing throughout an exhausting journey through the downfall of a twisted psyche. As a new comer into the genre I had to learn to watch the panels as a kind of film. The ongoing story is sure to have the twists and turns of the original and I know that Project Mayhem is sure to make a huge impact. With such a talent driving the narrative it is a no brainer that this will be a fantastic series.

As an encounter, I would treat this as totally separate from the original as the reading experience is so different from what I took from the original novel and the film. It echoes the speech patterns and the inserts from the narrator but does not feel the same as the medium is so different. It is interesting that the author has chosen this medium to deliver the next instalment since the original Fight Club was released as a short story. Since this story will be released in episodes it is almost a return to the original idea. For me, panels cannot convey the intensity in the same way as traditional narrative or film technique but that also relies on the talent of the graphic novel reader to create that for themselves so perhaps this opinion will change with the coming editions.

I cannot wait for the next instalments of this great series I will be telling everyone about Fight Club 2.

GS Rating: 4/5

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