Horowitz Graphic Horror: SCARED Review

I was asked to review this full colour graphic novel adaptation of one of the most hauntingly entertaining Horowitz short stories. It was adapted by Tony Lee and illustrated by Dan Boultwood

The story revolves around a boy called Gary who is a nasty piece of work, he bullies everyone in school including the teachers and he also bullys his poor mum who is just getting over the death of Gary’s father.

For the summer Gary’s mum is taking him to see his Grandma who lives in the countryside and he is not happy about it. When Gary arrives all he does is shout at his mum and grandma, his mother tries to calm him down but Gary just doesnt care. He is so angry he turns round and smacks her. He shouts at his grandma saying nobody touches him or tells him what to do! Before he storms out Gary’s grandmother warns him to remember the countryside code as there is dark magic out there and he has no idea what he is up against. Gary just calls her a crazy old woman and storms off.

Soon afterwards Gary gets lost in the woods, shouting at the trees and saying that all this grass should be dug up and it would make a lovely car park. It’s here where things start to go really wrong as Gary finally gets what is coming to him.

This graphic novel is aimed at kids but I think it is suitable for all ages,  if you want to get a child into reading lite horror or if you just enjoy a twisted short story then this would be a great introduction. The art is perfect for this type of story as it has a overly dark tone but not to the point of being terrifying.

The book is not very long, which means it is fast paced. The writer does a great job of making sure you have no sympathy for Gary.

Overall all I will give it a 4 out of 5

GS Reporter:Kelly

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  1. Emma Hall /

    My 8 year old son came home with this from the libary, I was furious that they let him withdraw it. It is completely inapropriate for a child it is full of anger & the language in it is not nice. Not what I want my children seeing!

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