MAGAZINE REVIEW: The Marvel Fact Files

The Marvel Fact Files are arriving this week and we got to take a peek at what to expect from this new collection.

Most people will know that I am a huge Marvel fan but that does not mean I will blindly endorse anything with Marvel on it so with this collection I wanted to know if it was worth the money and was it done well.

The collection is a weekly release and follows a similar format as previous fact files like the Star Trek, Star Wars ones but here we get something else which for me is the little extra I was looking for.

The fact files are broken into seven sections that are Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Marvel Knights, Cosmic and Real Marvel. The first four focus around the relevant teams or characters while Cosmic looks at the recent area of the Marvel Universe all set in space so Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy which of course are getting their own movie in 2015. The last section is Real Marvel which will focus on the artists, writers and the “secret history” of Marvel Comics.
This last section is what makes this a cut above other fact files out there as it means it is aimed at all the fans.

heroholder (1)

Within each section it is further broken down into chapters. Overview gives a history of the team or the characters being featured and also the timeline. Next is Heroes that looks in more detail at all the good guys within this section. No hero would be anything without their villains so they get the next chapter. Following that is Technology so for Avengers it will look at the Quinjet or for X-men the Danger Room. The last section takes us on a trip to all the locations, so for the Fantastic Four we would see the Baxter Building or Wakanda for the Black Panther.

The writing is clear,  fun to read and the section orders make sense. The first issue comes with the first binder to store your files. The aim is to produce 100 issues at £2.99 per issue but something else they are doing is if you subscribe as well as getting some free gifts you also get access to the digital edition with extra content.

Based on the first two issues we reviewed I would say that this collection is a must have for the new fans and a great to have for the experienced fan who wants to show off their Marvel knowledge.

Check out the trailer below

GS Rating 5/5

Source: Marvel Fact Files
Reporter: Montoya

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