Book Review: Living With The Edge

Living With The Edge: The Autobiography of the First British Masked Heroine, Val Phillips

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I took this book with me on holiday and had a blast reading it on my Sony eReader (not the Kindle as shown in the picture). What’s it all about?

Welcome to a world where superheroes exist, where comic book companies created real heroes based on their characters in order to keep sales up. A world where heroes are images of patriotism in times of war. Val Phillips was The Edge, the first masked British heroine. Read her autobiography as she tells the world her side of the story. From dealing with growing up with no parents to finding out her first love of comic books to the vices she conquered that led her down the pathway of becoming a mask. She addresses the way in which heroes are not as perfect as they seem. Val talks about how she finds it a compromise to choose between her mask and her family, where should the line cross?

By Rudolph Jackson, agent to The Edge

The blurb above is written by the fictional lead characters’ fictional agent, still with me…good. So the premise of this book is that Val Philips decides to write her autobiography now she is in her late years of life. This is a world where heroes are real. Think Kick Ass meets Watchman.

I am going to get my minor complaint out of the way first. This book needs some proofing done as there are quite a few errors but DO NOT let that deter you from reading it as it has been self published

OK now that is out of the way I can carry on. The story covers a lot of ground and when I say a lot I am not kidding. Among the various subjects this books covers are drugs, alcoholism, marital abuse, terrorism, religion, breast implants, family pressure, steroids, dieting, communism, woman’s rights and Israel & Palestine conflicts. However that is part of the issue here. There seems to be too much ground covered.

I love this book and the idea behind it, but after getting half way through it I was starting to get depressed. I wanted for it to get more heroic but then it would not have the right feel. This story is trying to be like Watchman in terms of not everything being all roses at the end, I get that, however I think going in you need to be prepared. I missed some more stories of take downs. The ending is emotional and bittersweet but seems fitting for a hero’s journey.

I loved how a lot of the heroes were clearly based on Marvel and DC characters and where the author expanded on their back story and brought it into the real world. A lot of fun was guessing which hero they were talking about.

The writing is very good and I truly believed that I was reading the Autobiography of  Val Phillips.

The author Luke James Halsall has  lots of great ideas in this book but maybe next time put some more fun into it.

GS Rating 3/5

Reporter: Montoya

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