Scrolls Middle Earth Special Part 2

Scrolls Middle Earth Special Part 2: Everybody’s Tolkien At Me is now available to listen to here on the Geek Syndicate Network.

This episode the awooga button is tossed on the ground and comprehensively stomped on so that everyone can get comfy and chat about the uber-fantasy that is Lord of the Rings.

Taking our cue from the Festival In The Shire we talk about the great works from all kinds of angles – discussing them in terms scholarly, as fans having a good time sharing our experiences, and as readers just celebrating Middle Earth for it’s depth, history and grandeur.  We also talk a load of old rot, giggle stupidly, mis-quote, mis-understand and mis-appropriate other peoples thoughts and theories.

But, you know, with style.

It’s a monster show, so we’ve had to cut out the adaptations section just to keep it to a reasonable length.  I’m guessing that could make a part 3 all of it’s own at some point.  Let us know if that’s something you’d like to hear.

As ever all comments welcome via e-mail ([email protected]), directly under this post or you can join the community on the GS Forums.

Equally welcome would be any suggestions for episodes, recommended reading lists or submissions of book reviews for us to post on the Geek Syndicate site.

Finally if anybody has an artistic bent and would like to design a banner or logo for us we’d love to see what you’ve got.  Dissecting Worlds just had some success with their competition and fair play, it’s a lovely piece of art.  Lets see if we can top it.  There will be prizes, one of which will be the beautiful hardback Centenary Edition of the Lord Of The Rings illustrated with 50 of Alan Lee’s paintings.  Official announcement for the competition will be next episode, but if you’re reading this you get a head start.


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