Scrolls Review – Serial Killers Inc


Serial Killers Inc by Andy Remic (ISBN: 978-1-908328-04-5)

Callaghan (Cal to his friends) is a hard drinking, coke snorting, womanising, son of a bitch paparazzi arsehole. He is also the unlikely hero of the piece. A millennial version of James Herbert’s Creed, Cal works as a photographer for Black and White magazine providing shock value stories for the delight and disgust of its readership. Just for good measure Cal has two women on the go, one a feisty latino stripper called Mia and the other an English beauty called Sophie, the wife of a Romanian gun runner with 34 known kills to his name.

Cal and his partner Jimmy (tough, no-nonsense, Glaswegian) discover the hanging, disembowelled corpse of a pregnant woman at Canary Wharf, having received a tip-off from the mysterious Volos. It’s at this point that Cal’s problems really begin as he’s dragged into a world of supernatural killers hunting humans and being hunted in return.

Serial Killers Inc is a high octane, no holds barred, rollercoaster of a story that twists and turns like a rattlesnake on fire. This is a story not for the faint of heart, or those who are easily offended, as we are shown the seedier side of life in all its unadulterated glory. Sex, drugs and gun-toting Romanians are very much the order of the day, for which Remic makes no apologies whatsoever. Throw in a cutthroat-razor wielding demon and a society of killers to the mix then leave to simmer and you’ve got one hell of an action packed show.

Although laden with expletives (not a problem for this reader) Remic shows he is a writer who has a mastery of the English language and knows how to use it to good effect. Chapters left on cliff-hangers always leave you wanting more, graphic descriptions of horror abound without being voyeuristic and action scenes leave vivid images in your mind that would grace any multiplex in the country. The real skill, however, is in making us care about Cal; a person with no redeeming qualities and as about as many morals as an MP filling out their expenses form. As Cal is plunged deeper into the world of serial killers, unwillingly pulled along

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by the psychopathic Volos, we see him evolve, see his more human side, the side that gives a damn about the people around him being put at risk by his actions. And it’s this that makes the story work, this humanity exposed within a man who, at the start of the book, you wouldn’t pee on if he were on fire.

There are flaws, albeit minor ones, that do grate a little. Sullivan, Cal’s best friend from childhood, is dangled before us with a tantalising back story that never really gets the development that it deserves and I would have liked to have had their relationship fleshed out more. Additionally, the style of writing intermittently flits from fast paced action to gothic horror (think Poe or Lovecraft) which works well at times but falls flat at others. But these are minor criticisms.

Overall it’s a great story and I love the fact that none of the central characters are safe, which keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s available as an e-book on Kindle now and there will also be a POD paperback release available from Amazon soon. Go out and buy this. It’s the closest you’ll get to an adrenalin rush sitting in your living room.

4 out of 5

GSReviewer: Phil Ambler

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