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Dead or Alive by William Harms (ISBN 978-1451533767)

I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to like this book. Don’t get me wrong, on paper it ticks all the boxes: Zombies – check. Wild West – check (what can I say I’m a man
of simple tastes). So why did the idea of a Zombie Romp in the Wild West fill me with trepidation? I would probably say the cover. Please understand, I think it’s a
great cover. There’s a graphic novel-like appearance but it was the phrase: “International Horror Guild Award Finalist…” that caught my eye. It seems the claim to
fame is NOT winning something.

So with the aforementioned trepidation I set about reading a non-award winning novel set an undead-plagued Wild West…

…and I enjoyed it. Genuinely. I was a bit disappointed in myself to be honest. I finished it in one reading down the pub with a couple of pints. I even put some country
and western music on the juke box to set the mood, which made me about as popular in the pub as the two Smith brothers in the book are with the locals. Thankfully the
brothers weren’t flesh eating brain-dead zombies but conversation was roughly the same.

In short, two brothers – down on their luck and both very different personalities, become embroiled in a rather thin plot device following a robbery… and then the fun
begins. It’s got everything you could want, stagecoach robbery, corrupt sheriffs, an undead shaman, cowboys, Indians and of course the walking dead, providing what you
want are stagecoach robbery, corrupt sheriffs, an undead shaman, cowboys, Indians and the walking dead. If not then this is definitely not the book for you, remove
yourself from the undead in the Wild West horror section forthwith and go and pick up the latest mass market paperback like everyone else. Otherwise, saddle up and get
your shotgun because it’s going to be a bumpy, body strewn ride…

Review by Chris Menhinnitt

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