Micro-conference Write The Future set to Return this Summer

If you love sitting through interesting talks about science-fiction, art and publishing, visiting the Write The Future micro-conference this Summer will probably fall into your “Yes please!” category of thinking. The Write The Future event was first tried in 2013 as something to lead up to the main ceremony night of the Arthur C. Clarke Awards. The awards have reached their 30th anniversary this year, so it was felt that this year would be a great time to bring back the micro-conference in the guise of Write The Future 2: Brain Freeze (ideas so delicious that they will freeze your brain).

Details are still being finalised but as it stands, the event should begin around midday on Weds 24th August in central London, running through the afternoon and giving time for people to get to Foyles for the main award event. Tickets and more details will be set to come shortly, but if you’d like to see the kinds of stuff that were spoken about at the 2013 event, click the Write The Future link below and have a read. There is some heady stuff, like the role of truth, accuracy and authenticity in science fiction, along with other talks about surviving the social media comedown and freeing your words. It will be interesting to see what this year’s talks and presentations are about.


Source: Write The Future
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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