Ahoy Captain Small Press Day 2017 is on the Starboard Bow

As well as the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo another huge event which has been ramping up to its launch on Saturday 8th July is Small Press Day.

Putting on my other hat as a small press creator/publisher myself I think a day dedicated to celebrating the importance of the DIY culture is a brilliant concept. Last year I didn’t get the chance to do my bit to promote the event but I’ll be dammed if I will let that happen again…not on this geek’s watch.

In 2016 an idea born on twitter led to a series of nationwide events in a matter of weeks. The inaugural Small Press Day – a celebratory event designed to spotlight the possibilities of small press publishing and to introduce its practitioners to the far wider audience they deserve – proved to be a phenomenal success. No less than 25 events championing the small press were held across the UK and Ireland on the same day last July – including shop signings, fairs, panels and workshops – resulting in #SmallPressDay to trend throughout.

This year SPD is back looking to build on that accomplishment. Join us on 8th July for Small Press Day 2017 at one of the stores/venues listed on the map below and meet the next generation of superstar comic creators, zine makers, and DIY micro publishers.

Join us to celebrate all things small press and lets make #SmallPressDay2017 bigger, better, and bolder.

So there you have it folks a whole day dedicated to Small Press. As I keep shouting about until people tell me to shut up there is so much talent and diversity of ideas, creators and stories that it would take more regenerations than a certain screwdriver wielding Timelord to get through it all.

Big applause to Broken Frontier and Alternative Press who are the driving forces behind #SmallPressDay2017

As well as the events listed above here’s a little list of some other stuff happening that I found while hanging out on social media.


So if you a DC or Marvel fan or never read a comic before and fancy taking a walk on the indie side then this is a great time to take some long overdue baby steps.

If you find some good stuff on your travels let us know in the comments below and share the love!

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Source: Small Press Day 2017

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