COMIC CON COUNTDOWN 2: Exhibitors at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo 2017

And here we are with Countdown number 2 for the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo. Yes if you’ve read countdown numero ono then you’ll know this post should have been published yesterday but the only excuse I can give is…Ninjas…yes bloody Ninjas, ruining things since the 12th Century.

Right then back to the important stuff. Now in countdown one I gave a general overview of the expo but now let’s roll up those sleeves (and you billy wash those hands!) and dive into a little more detail on the people who are going to try and get you to part with cash.

My God the Sky is Full of Exhibitors!

Roll up! Roll! come and see the indie comic exhibitors…come and get ’em while they’re hot!

One of the best parts of a comic convention is what I like to call ‘the virgin pass’.  This is when the con doors have just opened and I take the first walk around the con, with no idea what I’m going to see or what interesting wares they will be trying to tempt me with. I think this first pass is even more special at a indie comic con as the wealth of choice is as varied as you can get.  As I said in the previous countdown I’m always astounded by the amount of genres that are covered. It is one of the biggest myths about comics when you talk to people who have never read a comic.


Now I’ve taken a scan through the exhibitor list and here are a few, out of the many, that have jumped out to me.

Joe Glass – The Pride

FabMan, sick of being treated as a joke and seeing no representation for the LGBTQ in a world full of heroes, assembles the greatest super powered LGBTQ heroes from around the world to form The Pride!

Who joins? And what nefarious shadow is building just out of sight? Will The Pride be up for the task?

Picked because: I loved the pitch, the art looks fantastic…and FabMan (not be confused with the Fab ice lollie) is top name for a superhero. Yes I know I said no superheroes but there’s also a Nuclear Trout…A NUCLEAR TROUT PEOPLE!

Sarah Millian – Heart of Time

Picked because: I could try and pitch this to you but the best thing to do is stop by Sarah’s table and try not to spend more than a minute talking to her and

a) not want to buy a one of her comics.
b) not want to be her best mate.

Ok..ok I picked this also because it’s about a teenager travelling through time, with her pug Gertrude on a scooter…yeah top that Dr Who.

Lloyd and the Bear aka I FLIPPING LOVE THIS COMIC!

This all ages, fun and full of heart, title had me at ‘It’s me they want’…trust me it will make sense when you read it. In my head Kelsey Grammer is the voice of Bernard (again read it and you’ll see). Really want to see more of this one.

Matt Gibbs and Sara Dunkerton (Improper Books) Mulp: Sceptre of the Sun – issue 4

So imagine if Indiana Jones was a mouse and his adventures were set in a world full of talking animals, in a similar vein to Bryan Talbot’s Grandville series. Now my rather ham fisted comparison doesn’t do this title justice but you get the idea. I loved the first three issues and have been waiting for issue 4 to launch and it is set to do so at CICE this weekend. As I typed this post up I feasted my eyes on the cover for issue 4 and it’s a beauty. Sara Dunketon’s artwork on this series has been sublime and you can see the hours upon hours she has poured into this series in every panel.

In short if you love Indiana Jones, Granville, Tintin or The Rainbow Orchid series then make sure you stop by the Improper books table. Sara will also be doing sketches and taking commissions at the table…Indiana Nugent the mouse please Sara!

This is just four quality picks out of a line up of over fifty small press exhibitors and creators.

Right as again I now hear Ninjas attempting to kick down my door (bloody Ninjas *) I just need to get out some facts and figures. Advance tickets are all sold more, nada! However you can still buy tickets on the door. Remember this is a not-for-profit show and all about shining a big ass light at the great work being done in the Indie comics scene.

Fingers crossed if I’ve not been sliced up, like honey roast ham, by the aforementioned Ninjas I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at the events on offer.

*Several Ninjas were hurt or killed during the writing of this blog post.

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Source: CICE

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