2000AD and Rebellion to Attend MCM Expo

So here’s a good bit of news if you’re a 2000AD fan and are hoping to attend the MCM Expo next month.

Judge Dredd to Lay Down Law at MCM Expo as 2000AD Announces Comic Con Debut


Prepare to be judged, perp! JUDGE DREDD will be laying down the law in the nation’s capital this May, as legendary British comic 2000 AD and Rebellion reveal plans to attend their very first MCM Expo London Comic Con.

At the bleeding edge of pop culture for over three decades, 2000AD has brought its multi-award winning blend of explosive action, black comedy and mind-blowing sci-fi to a host of awesome creations, from the iconic JUDGE DREDD, NEMESIS THE WARLOCK, ROGUE TROOPER and STRONTIUM DOG to modern classics such as SHAKARA, KINGDOM and CABALLISTIC.

Now you can feel the thrill-power at the famous MCM Expo London Comic Con for the first time as the 2000 AD booth serves up a mighty feast of top titles – all at special discounted Expo prices – as well as the chance to win a one-off piece of art from a very special guest!

Imaginative, hard-hitting stories and eye-popping art makes 2000 AD essential reading and it remains the ultimate proving ground for the finest young writers and artists of the generation. The MCM Group is absolutely delighted that Mega-City One’s finest and his friends will be joining the biggest names in comics today at this May’s MCM Expo London Comic Con.

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