45 is coming!

Forty-Five is a series of Superhero interviews documented by James Stanley. As a soon-to-be father, James wants to find out what lies in store for his family if his unborn child turns out to have a Superpower. Forty-Five features Forty-Five different industry artists, all having just one page to capture the essence of each interview.

45 the ambitious new graphic novel coming from Com.x Comics and written by Andi Ewington is fast reaching it’s completion. The comic will be solicited to Diamond next month with a  release date of this December.

To whet our collective appetites the guys at Com.x  have released some of the artwork.


If all the art is of this high standard and writing matches up to some of the sample scripts I’ve seen so far then Com.x could have be one hell of a hit on their hands.

I hope they can put something together to show the folks going to BICS 2009 as that seems a great opportunity to plug this for all it’s worth.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Com.x

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  1. Hey Guys, we’re definitely talking about doing something for BICS 2009 – we may not be there in person as we’ll be at the Long Beach CC at the same time. However a plan is being formed. More soon. 🙂



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