A Dastardly High Sales for Batman Issue 1

A near mint condition copy of the very first issue of the Batman comic book series has recently sold for $850,000 (roughly £530,000) at a private auction arranged by Dallas-based auctioneer, Heritage Auctions. This marks a record for a comic that was originally sold for 10 cents when it was first published way back in 1940.

Although the buyer and seller have remained anonymous, apparently the seller had managed to obtain the bountiful Batman numero uno (certified Near Mint 9.2) only two years ago for $315,000. Those of you who are too tired to do the math, this guy made a $535,000 profit on that historical treasure, and managed to more than double its value. Holy cow, Batman!

Ed Jaster, Vice President of Heritage Auctions commented on this momentous sale: “It’s amazing that three years ago, no comic book had ever sold for even half that amount.”

Batman issue 1, which was published in 1940 was not the first appearance of the famous caped crusader. That privilege goes to a little book called Detective Comics (issue  27) from 1939. What it does debut, however, is Catwoman and his arch nemesis the Joker.

Unsurprisingly this means that it only ranks as the sixth highest auctioned comic book ever. The top prize goes to Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics issue 1 which sold for a mind-boggling $2.1 million (£1.3 million) in 2011.

Sources: CNN, Heritage Auctions, Digital Spy
Reporter: Dean Simons

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