A few words from our ‘Meet and Greet Dave Gibbons’ competition winner


As you may remember we had a competition last week for a chance to meet Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbons at an exclusive Watchmen event at Southbank’s skate park. The event was to launch the film’s release  on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Dave was in attendance  with acclaimed graffiti artist CHU re-creating key scenes from the film.

This is what our winner Den Patrick had to say about his experience.

The last time I was in the prescience of one Dave Gibbons, I was sat on the floor, cross-legged like a schoolboy at Birmingham Comic Show. Monts and Nuge bounded in to tell him how many copies of Watchmen Waterstones had sold in the last few weeks. I don’t remember the actual figure, but it was enough to make most indie comic creators cry. Dave accepted it with a cheerful ‘that’s nice’, and that was that.

Except of course I then had to pitch my 2000 AD Future Shock to him, and three other judges, as part of the BICS got talent competition.

Not intimidating at all. For sure.

Mr Gibbons was holding court at the skate park at the Southbank in London. In the background a graffiti artist was racing against the clock to recreate the Comedian’s exit through the window, with a battery of aerosol cans. The PR agency had kindly seen fit to equip him with a sofa and, weirdly, a lampshade and coffee table. Myself and my friend and colleague from work squeezed on the sofa and the three of us immediately startled rummaging through the goody bag. Dave was at least as excited about the rather swank Night Owl watch as I was.

The man himself was on fine form, especially considering he had got back from San Diego just the day before. Dave was particularly excited about the Directors Cut of the film, which has got to be one of the most anticipated cuts on DVD this year for any fanboy worth his salt.

Being a cheeky sort, I asked for a Rogue Trooper sketch, and he happily put Sharpie to paper for me. Dave was responsible for creating Rogue Trooper with Gerry Finley-Day back in the early 80s, when I was cutting my teeth on Battle and 2000 AD. Then, he sketched Rorschach in the front of the Watchmen graphic novel (another goody bag item), and then, did one for my friend too. What a superstar.


Thank you Dave Gibbons, and thank you Geek Syndicate!

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. lensflairblog /

    Now that is cool!

  2. Nice write-up, Den!

    I turned up around 3pm, and the graffiti piece was looking awesome around then. Dave was still around, too, showing off his ‘Hurm’ iFanboy t-shirt!

    Posted up some pics over here, if anyone’s interested – http://bit.ly/J0z3m


  3. Awesome! Glad that Gibbons was so cool as well!

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