A first look at Turf coming soon from Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards

As most of you know we had a chat with Jonathan about his love of comics and during the interview we talked at length about the comic he was writing called ‘Turf’.

Well here is the first promo image (At least the first one I’ve seen) from the comic. It was featured as part of an interview that Tommy Lee Edwards did with Comic Book Resources.


Jonathan didn’t let on too much about the story so it was good to get some more details. I’m a pulp fan so a crime story set in Prohibition Era New York City with a mixture of sci-fi and horror is off to a good start in my book.

Elliot Ness: Vampire Hunter maybe? that would be cool.

You can check out the full interview with Tommy Lee here.

You listen to our interview with Jonathan Ross , where he talks about the comic here.

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  1. Supergold_Seven /

    ‘Writing’ (in your first paragraph) starts with a W.

    I dig that TLE art and am looking forward to this.

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