A Tron Legacy prequel comic with art by Andie Tong is on the way

Not only is Andie Tong one of the nicest blokes I’ve had the priveledge of meeting since we started doing Geek Syndicate he’s a dammed fine artist to boot. This is helpful as I’m now about to pimp the latest project Andy is working on which is Tron the Betrayal, a prequel to the Tron Legacy film due out at the end of the year.

The prequel comic to the Tron Legacy movie that I’ve been working on for last few months is hitting the stores in October by Marvel. but available for order now. So please head over to your local comic store or call, and pre-order! This is for book 1 of 2. Seen on page 4 of MARVEL PREVIEWS August 2010 edition. Just mention the order code AUG100523 to your comic store.

But if you can wait til November (originally October release but I’ve heard rumblings it’s been pushed back), you can order the collected edition of the original graphic novel by Disney Publishing. Can be seen on page 270 of PREVIEWS august 2010 edition. Order code AUG100978. – Andie Tong


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