Ack-Ack Macaque Comes to 2000AD!

So, a couple of weeks ago we mentioned Ack-Ack Macaque, the new novel from Gareth L Powell, which stars a cigar chomping Simian fighting in World War II, because, well, what else is a cigar chomping Simian to do?  Turns out he’s also appearing in a prequel comic as part of 2000AD’s Prog 2013, the bumper end-of-year edition. Release after the break!

With Nazis, zepplins and a cigar-chomping primate protagonist, the new blisteringly fun SF masterpiece from master storyteller Gareth L. Powell is to burst into the pages of the iconic British comic book, 2000 AD.

 A prequel tale to Powell’s Ack-Ack MacaqueIndestructible, will appear in the traditional ‘end of year’ bumper 100-page edition of 2000 ADProg 2013.

In 1944, as waves of German ninjas parachute into Kent, Britain’s best hopes for victory lie with a Spitfire pilot codenamed ‘Ack-Ack Macaque.’ The trouble is he’s actually a cynical, one-eyed, cigar-chomping monkey, and he’s starting to doubt everything – including his own existence!

Drawn by Judge Dredd artist Nick Dyer, the comic strip sees the novel’s eponymous hero take on the might of the Third Reich with his trusted compatriot, Morris.

Seems a pretty good match for a comic adaptation, at least if it’s true to the pulp feel of the concept.

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Source: Rebellion

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