Advert Break – The Hunter Motion Comic Trailer and X-Box 360 Competition

I was a big fan of The Hunter graphic novels from Dare Comics so I’m eager to see what the finished motion comic they’re working on looks like.

Apparently the motion comic won’t be an adaptation of the story as told in the graphic novels.

It’s going to be an all new, original story. We’re working extremely hard to give people something that will really take their breath away – Dare Comics

In the meantime check out the first ever trailer for the motion comic.

Dare Comics are also running a competition to promote the launch of the latest comic STARMAKER: LEVIATHAN at San Diego Comic-Con .

We’re giving away two X-Box 360s to people who are fans of the Dare Comics Facebook page.  Why?  Because we’re officially launching STARMAKER: LEVIATHAN at San Diego Comic-Con, and, as an upstart publisher in a world of giants, we need all the help we can get to spread the word.  One person will be selected at random on July 26th.  They will win an X-Box 360 and get to pick one other person who is a fan of Dare Comics, who will also receive an X-Box 360.  The more friends you have who are fans of Dare Comics, the better your chances of winning.  10 runner-up prizes of signed copies of STARMAKER: LEVIATHAN are also up for grabs.

If you’re interested in the competition head over to the Dare Comics Facebook page for all the info you need to enter.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Dare Comics

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