Advert Break – Wanna be in a horror graphic novel??

This Advert break comes via Richard McAuliffe, one of the guys behind the upcoming graphic novel from Insomnia Publications called ‘Damaged Goods’

Over to you Rich.

So as you might know, I’m writing a horror graphic novel called Damaged Goods for the guys over at Insomnia, all of which is being drawn up by the darkly talented Mark Chilcott.
We have an upcoming story waiting to be drawn that opens with a zombie attack at a wedding and which will feature a double page splash of the top table getting in a bit of trouble… and this is where we’d like you to come


What we are looking for are three people. Two to be attacking zombies, one to be a guest… or victim as we like to call them.

All you have to do is send a pic of yourself, ideally either in full zombie mode or in “oh shit… its a frigging ZOMBIE!” mode. And when we say zombie mode we dont necessarily mean makeup or anything, just getting into character a bit. Dont worry about looking horrific, we’ll deal with that part 🙂

Mark will then pick his favourite three and draw you in! We’ll also see about getting some nice sized prints of the page to send to you once its all completed and you’ll get a namecheck in the credits.
UPDATE : Just been told the three winners will also get a free copy of the book when it comes out!!

To put yourself forward, either post a link to a picture as a reply to this entry, or you can email one to [email protected] with the subject “Zombie Comp”

Good luck! …. if you can count either being zombified or eaten as lucky

And for anyone who hasnt seen, here is a complete story from the book that we put up as a preview. The full graphic novel is due to come out early next year, and we’ll both be on hand at this years Birmingham con with some more preview pages etc

Myebook - Damaged Goods: Tea Party - click here to open my ebook

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  1. Just for info we’ll probably leave this till the end of the month… then it has to get drawn!!

    cheers guys

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