An exclusive look at what’s next for the creator of Forty-Five.

With the launch of Forty Five, the fantastic and very different graphic novel from the mind of Andi Ewington and the stunning art from forty-five artists nearly upon us we get an exclusive look at what we can expect next.

It seems that Andi is already hard at work planning  a spin off, one shot comic which will feature one of the Forty-Five characters.

Andi had this to say about the project.

It’s a 40 page one shot – our first character spin-off from the ’45’ universe.

It’s going to focus on ‘BlueSpear’. It aims to fill you in a little more on his particular interview, and it’ll introduce the Lotus more, plus ‘X’…

This time around Andi will be sharing the writing duties with Com.x’s Eddie Deighton and the Art will be by Calum Alexander Watt.

At the moment there is no firm release date other than early 2011.

Andi also  along some art from the upcoming comic which looks fantastic.

I think this is great news and I hope this isn’t the last we see from the Forty-Five Universe.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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