And the Villain in Iron Man 3 is NOT going to be?

I was hoping that Iron man 3 would carry on the whole Mandarin theme from the first movie but this has now been shot down.

Director Shane Black confirmed recently that the Mandarin is not the villain in Iron Man 3

Black dismissed the oriental bad guy with his rings of power as a racist caricature.

So who should be the next villain? There are a few to choose from. My top 5 left field choices are below.

The Ghost – A professional saboteur with equipment that allows him to become intangible who’s determined to kill Tony Stark and destroy Stark Enterprises.

Madame Masque – The daughter of Count Nefaria, she hides her scarred face behind a golden mask. She often has conflicted loyalties between her father and her lover, Iron Man.

Living Laser – A laser expert who eventually evolved into a being made of pure light energy.

Iron Man 2099 – A future version of Iron Man

Doctor Doom – Come on he is the opposite of Stark. Just get him out of the FF movies.

SOURCE: SFX, Wikipedia

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Well I dismiss the word Oriental when used in relation to Asian people as severely outdated. Take that, Shane!

    If Mandarin was too stereotypical, then remake him! Make him a cool Asian villain! He doesn’t have to look like some pulp Asian bad guy.

    It cannot be yet another person dressed in armor, and I think this will be a villain team-up. Madam Masque would be a good choice. I think she could even hire many more Iron Man Baddies. Also, her daddy is Count Nefaria, so he could come in.

    Now if Madam Masque is the main villain, you can include Crimson Dynamo without totally causing armor fatigue on the audience. You could also bring in AIM– and try tofigure out how to introduce MODOK without the audience cracking up.

    Problem with Iron Man is that his villains are sparse, and a lot of them are armored dudes.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah agreed I think they could still have done Mandarin without going down the sterotype route. My worry would have been they would have done the Dr Doom thing from the FF films and just turned him into a Lex Luthor style villan.

      Looking forward to what he comes up with in the next film and you’re right I think they need to steer clear of an armored villain for the 3rd film but that might be hard.

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