Brian Blessed Comes to Kickstarter With Sheherazade

brianblessedAnd the real question we must ask ourselves is can Kickstarter survive the awesomeness that is Brian Blessed?

This latest kickstarter featuring everyone fave shouty fellow is a great idea to help get kids into classical music.

Kids need an ingenious way to discover classical music.

Classical music needs an ingenious way to discover a new audience.

SHEHERAZADE starring BRIAN BLESSED & RORY BREMNER is the first CD from THE OPUS POCUS – a new project I’ve created to introduce kids to the awe-inspiring soundworld of classical music through modern, witty, subversive, slapstick, action-packed, multimedia, bonkers stories, all very ingeniously set to the orchestral music as you can hear in the video above.

I know it was through listening to the Flash Gordon soundtrack and a lot of stuff by John Williams as a young boy that gave me my a taste for orchestral music and made me go off hunting for more soundtracks. Soon after that  I stumbled into the world of classical music and didn’t look back. The idea of a project to try and gets kids listening to classic musical is not only cool in it’s own right but added to that is, as part of the project, the team are trying to produce a graphic novel as well.

The funding target will let us create a digital graphic novel to accompany the musical story, which will also provide loads of images for the interactive app, new website, musical ebooks and animated baboons (as in cartoon ones, not excited ones), and if we significantly surpass this target then we can also do a physical print run of the novel BUT the big plan is to do some kids workshops and live shows – with animated baboons (as in someone in a costume …still keeping the real ones out of this), and link this to some new musical tuition ideas, but whilst other funding options for most of this is fairly accessible it’s a bit harder to raise the money for the illustrations (very labour intensive, expensive publishing costs etc…)


It gives kids a visual reference whilst they work their way through these quite substantial audio productions, involving epic musical journeys, plus it promotes the idea that listening to music can stimulate your imagination, which I think is a very good thing for young brains in general, and probably old ones too. – MATT PARRY

This sounds like a great project and one that is well worth supporting with loads of rewards for pledges including the SHEHERAZADE CD, graphic novel as well as ring tones specially recorded by Brian Blessed and Rory Bremner.

And according to Brian if you don’t support the project he’ll dispatch his Hawkmen forces after you..ok I may have made that last bit up…but you never know.

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Source: Kickstarter

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