Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo 2012 to Return to Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall

About now I would be writing up news about this year’s Bristol Comic Con but this news flash if squarely aimed at next year’s event.

I was just doing the rounds on twitter when I saw this from the Bristol Comic con feed.

Newsflash Bristol 2012: Expo is going back to the future next year, returning to the Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall by public demand

Bristol 2012 further info (darn Twitter limit): The Expo returns to the Hall and will also have a presence in the Ramada Hotel only

I think that in the years that expo has been split between two hotels it has done an admirable job. It will however by nice to get some more space to the proceedings and spread out a little more. It’s also important to not that out of that chance came the Small Press Expo, which is held at the Mercure and is now an integral part of the show. I for one will be sorry to see the Mercure presence go as it was a great space but I can see the logic in having everything back under one roof, for the most part.

It could be too early for me to say this but I think we can expect big things for the con’s return to it’s old stomping ground of the Empire & Commonwealth Exhibition Hall. I’m already looking forward to it.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo

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