Buy Comics/Graphic Novels and Help Raise Money for Help for Heroes

We’re always happy to do our bit to help support any fund-raising venture and more so when they coincide with our love of comics and this idea from comic writer Chris Lynch  is a great idea for a great cause.

Instead of sitting on his ass, like most of us (myself included) do Chris has come up with an interesting way for people to help others while buying comics. Now rather than me go on about how this all works I’ll let Chris himself explain.

The pitch is this – Comic book fans are going to be buying comic books and graphic novels for Christmas. A lot of them are going to buy through Amazon. So, if they come and start their shopping at, it will raise money for Help for Heroes. The books will cost them not one penny more than if they’d hit Amazon direct, but they get to be a part of some fundraising along the way. For free. They buy, Amazon pays, I give every single penny straight to Help for Heroes.

How Does It Work?

Planet of the Penguins uses Amazon’s Affiliate System and Advertising API to search graphic novelstrade paperbacks, and comics for you, all at Amazon’s normal prices and discounts. When you hit “checkout”, we transfer you to Amazon and, assuming you buy the products in your basket, we are paid a commission. That commission goes straight to the charity we’ve chosen … Help for Heroes.

We also donate all of the advertising revenue from our Google Adsense and Project Wonderful advertising campaigns

So in short if you’re a comic fan who shops on Amazon and let’s face it most of us do then head over to  pick up a comic and by doing so help a good cause.

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  1. Hi there,

    A great comic event to raise money for the heroes. I am interested on this. I just want to know whether paypal can be use for donations?

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