Captain America on Trial!!

After the current Baron Zemo arc in the Captain America ongoing series Ed Brubaker will have the US government put James “Bucky” Barnes on trial for his action whilst he was the Soviet Assassin “Winter Solider”.

By the end of the current arc Cap’s identity will be revealed to the public (not surprising since he has been rather loose with it so far)

Ed Brubaker had this to say:

“For the entire time I’ve been writing ‘Cap,’ each arc grows organically out of the arcs that have come before, Things that appear to be loose ends will come back a few arcs later in another way. So this is all just a natural progression, and this story in particular, is something that was always going to come up – Bucky was an assassin for the Soviets. How can we ignore that forever?”

This should be a good arc as there will be heroes defending him and villains doing their best to get him locked up in Rykers. can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

GS Reporter: Matt

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