Captain America: The Winter Soldier Score Sneak Peek

Want to get a sneak peek to the score for Captain America: The Winter Soldier well now you can courtesy of Marvel.

The film comes out next year but on the official site they have a track playing which is apparently from the official score. Henry Jackman (X-Men First Class, Kick Ass 2 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is on composer duties for this sequel taking over from Alan Silvestri who did an amazing job on the first film giving it a very pulp feel and not to dissimilar to the Raiders themes.

This new track shows how far the theme has come. Gone is the pulpy feel and in comes a more modern almost sinister vibe. We know the film is going to mainly set in the modern world and will have a more espionage feel to it which this captures very well.

At points I can almost imagine Eminem cutting in with a rap though which is a shame. However I loved Jackman’s score for X-Men First Class so am looking forward to this.

Click on the image below to hear the track.


Source: Coming Soon
Reporter: Montoya

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