Cardiff Comic Expo 2011 website goes live with guest announcements!

So as we previously reported the team behind the Bristol/Exeter Comic Expo’s (now with the addition of my awesome GMG co-host and good mate Iz…go Iz!) have now turned their full attention to their next expo which will take place at Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff (I know the clue is the title) on Saturday 26th Feb 2011.

The main website is now live and can be found over at

They’ve already got quite the line up and I’m sure there will be more announcements as the months go on but at the moment we have attending….*takes a breath*

In association with Doctor Who Adventures Magazine Justin Richards, John Ross and Tony Lee,Charlie Adlard,Mike Collins, Rob Williams,John McCrea, Dylan Teague, Patrick Goddard and Jasper Bark.

*Breathes out*

This is shaping up to be a great con so watch this space for more info!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Cardiff Comic Expo

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