Clockwork Watch: Breakaway Preview

Break_Page3Clockwork Watch: Breakaway the follow up to the stunning Clockwork Watch: The Arrival is coming and we have some preview pages to prove it.

Since the publication of the brilliant I’ve have become great friends with all of the creative team comprised of Yomi Ayeni, Corey Brotherson and Jennie Gyllblad. In following their progress hard not only get caught up in their boundless enthusiasm for the project but be impressed by their work ethic.  I can’t say enough great things about the first graphic novel but don’t take my word for it, go and read our review . When you explore the world of Clockwork Watch you will discover that the graphic novels are only  the tip of a very large steampunk fueled Transmedia iceberg, all of which is spearheaded by its creator, Yomi ayeni.

As expected the pages I was sent look fantastic with Gyllblad art managing to surpass the previous story. I can’t wait to sit down with a cuppa for a read of Clockwork Watch:Breakaway, which was recently launched at Clockwork Underworld ,an immersive transmedia launch event with live music, Dj and live performances.

Clockwork Underworld sheds light on the seedy underbelly of the Victorian era, at a time when peace is on a knife’s edge as society struggles to cope with an ever increasing number of sentient Clockwork automata, the mechanical slaves that keep society ticking along.

Explore the dark streets of London’s East End, see the less salubrious side of clockwork automata, step into The Den to see the finest Victoriana Burlesque, or just pop into the First Oasis to witness a plethora of curiosities at first hand.

The Clockwork Underworld is part of a five year transmedia story told through graphic novels, immersive theater, and a feature film.

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Reporter: Nuge
Source: Clockwork Watch

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