Comic Con 2011 – MacGyver the Comic Series is Coming!

The man with the mullet is back!

MacGyver was always one of the characters that sticks my mind from back in the day and not just for the cool theme tune. The dude could get himself out of any situation without using a gun so long as he had some tape, a swiss army knife, a ball of string and anything else that comes to mind. Put simply MacGyver was a one man A-team.

On the TV show Magyver was played by the mullet haired Richard Dean Anderson way before he went on to strike it rich on the Stargate Tv series.

If you’re fan of MaGyver and comics then you’ll be pleased to know that it was announced at the Comic Con that Image will be relaunching the character in a five issue mini series  called “MacGyver: Fugitive Gauntlet”  written by Tony Lee and “MacGyver” creator Lee David Zlotoff  with art by Becky Cloonan.

The comic is scheduled  be out next summer.

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Source: CBR

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  1. Of all the SDCC comic news I heard, this is the best!

  2. abydos56 /

    Wow cool! I can’t believe they’re really going to make a comic book about MacGyver. That is totally Awesome! You can bet I’ll be checking that out next summer. I just hope our town will sell it. Thanks for posting! And yes, I’m a big fan of RDA, MacGyver and SG. 😉

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