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Monkey and the mouseWe bring you some of our favourite home grown new Kickstarter projects this month. Wallets at the ready guys!

The Monkey and The Mouse: Where’s The Cheese

This is an adorable comic about a pair of cheese loving siblings, who decide to take a trip to the moon to pick up a slice of Edam or two. They find more there than they bargained for!

Perfect for little kiddies (and big ones) the artwork by Kev Brett is just adorable. Bold lines and big expressive faces. He based the two characters on his own kids


They are aiming to raise £500 to print a limited run of the 44 page book to take to Nerd Fest in Nottingham.

Pledges run from just £1 up to £100+ and include exclusive goodies like mugs, T-shirts, original artwork and thanks in the book (which starts at £5, so if you’ve ever wanted to see your name in print, now’s the time!)

The Elemals

‘Cross Pokémon with The Avengers’’ and there you have it.

Created and drawn by Josh Clarke, this comic is a story about down on his luck cartoonist, Josh, who decides to make a new life for himself in another country after London floods, thanks to a mini apocalypse. However an evil scientist steals Josh’s ideas and turns them into very real weapons of mass destruction!

The comic is bright and fun, he creates some really memorable and weird looking characters. The Kickstarter aims to bring this 140 page collection together.


The Elemals 

Josh is aiming to raise £10,000 and he’s already halfway there! Pledges are from £1 to £350 plus. Rewards include copies of the comic, original artwork, some of his famous t-shirt designs (Avengers crossed with Reservoir Dogs is a favourite), you can buy and become a character in the comic AND if you pledge £350+ you can win Josh for a day to do WHATEVER you want. We know this guy…he means anything. He does specify no gross stuff, but that could be negotiable.

The Art of Running

This is a really interesting project. It’s the story of running legend Steve Prefontaine. He was a truly legendary US distance runner in the 60’s and 70’s. He’s also known for his awesome moustache.

His life was cut tragically short after he was killed in a car accident when he was only 24. At the time of his death he held every record for long distance races from 2,000 to 10,000 metres.

This project is from writer Matthew Crehan, you can tell he’s passionate about the subject and that really comes across in the story. On art duty is Sigit Nugroho, and his work is stunning and vivid.


The book is going to be a 100page hardback. Rewards start from £1 up to £1,500 (more for retailers that one) and you get all sorts of benefits ranging from copies of the comic, to original artwork, you can be drawn into the comic, posters and an exclusive T-shirt.

Arthur Shilling

Paranormal adventurer and gentlemen engineer, Arthur Shilling is quite a character! With his sidekick Dr Michael Beckett they investigate the weird and wonderful in Victorian England.

The character was created by writer Chris Nicholls and he has a solid team behind him. The sequentials are by artist Rob Cross. He has a great style, all scratchy lines and


The first issue will be 28 pages and contain two stories, they aim to do a 550 print run of the book to take to various conventions across the UK.

They need to raise £1000, and have just over £400 raised so far. Pledges are from £1 up to £100+. Benefits include copies of the first issue, a copy of the script, badges, a t-shirt and access to special online content showing the creative process behind making the comic.

Reporter: Sara Westrop

Source: Kickstarter

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