Torsobear-‘Yarns From Toyburg’ A Fluffy Noir Anthology

There’s a new Kickstarter coming to town that promises to be sick, twisted and funny as hell. If you enjoyed Blackout by PM Buchan and the darker elements of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, you’re sure to be tickled by Torsobear. The world of Toyburg first came to us in Outre, the free digital comics magazinem fresh from the mind of Brett Uren. Here’s what the Press Release says about the original story-

Torsobear introduced the character of Ruxby and Hazbrow, childrens’ toys who are thrown into a chilling noir cycle of murder, deceit and intrigue, where the horror of events stands in stark contrast to the bright and cheerful world in which they take place. The toys of Toyburg blissfully enjoy their waking lives. Most will never encounter anything nasty. But when they sleep, all will experience the strange and sometimes disturbing violation of The Playtime. Sometimes, they remember…

The Kickstarter campaign will allow Brett to expand upon his vision with the help of a selection of other creators to explore the mean streets and seamy shadows of Toyburg. I’ll list the stories and creators involved at the bottom of this piece, but the folks who immediately jumped out at me are Cy Dethan, Peter Mason and Nic Wilkinson, the team who worked together on Cancertown 2. I’ve followed Cy’s work for a while now with increasing admiration, so I can’t wait to see what he pulls out of the hat in his story ‘Some Assembly Required.’

Although the original Torsobear story didn’t massively ring my bell, I love the concept of fluffy noir. There’s a hell of a lot of potential to explore in the world, and an anthology is the perfect way to start mapping it out.

Find out more at The Torsobear blog –

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If the Kickstarter is successful you can expect the book to be available as early as July this year, in both digital and physical forms.

Stories Included are:

Clean heart, dirty paws – Brett Uren

Dress to impress – Frank Martin/Joel Cotejar

Rich toy, poor toy – Grainne McEntee, Matt Rooke

Some assembly required – Cy Dethan/Peter Mason/Nic Wilkinson

She sang for buttons, she unstitched my heart – Brett Uren/Harold Saxon/Mick Schubert

The collector – Glenn Møane/Carlos Nicolas Zamudio/Jon Scrivens

A new hopelessness – Kieran Squires and Faye Harmon

The big wind up – Janos Honkonen/Saoirse Louise Towler/Mick Schubert

Home invasion – Brett Uren/Brockton McKinney/Harold Saxon

Sour in the sweet – Jake Young/Randy Haldeman/Brett Uren

We all fall down, playing it the hard way – Brett Uren


GS Blogger: Dion Winton-Polak

Source: Torsobear

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