The war on terror comes to Las Vegas in DRONES the five issue comic book series  written by Chris Lewis, with pencils by Bruno Oliveira, color by Cabral, letters by E.T. Dollman, and edits by Jon Hogan.

Now this is how you put together a trailer for a comic book. Rather than just throwing static images in the video the creators of Drones have taken the time to make it feel more like a trailer for motion comic, complete with voice acting and sound effects. The art looks great and the blurb sounds very interesting and a touch surreal (terrorism-themed hotel in Vegas?).

Have a watch and see what you think then check out a few pages from the comic.

Stinger and Angel Eyes are Predator drone operators: high tech soldiers who hunt Taliban insurgents by operating remote-control aircraft from the safety of a base outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s a surreal job next to the strangest city on Earth. But after a failed mission, the war hits home, in a bizarre journey that will take them from a terrorism-themed hotel to a drone-filled sky over the Strip. Bodies begin to pile up, Las Vegas starts to resemble Afghanistan, and the drone operators must confront the absurd nature of a war where terror and entertainment have begun to blur.

DRONES #1 and #2 will be available at table A5 at the Baltimore Comic Con on September 8-9, or you can purchase issue #1 on (iBooks) or  (Graphicly).

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Drones

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