COMIC PREVIEW: Father’s Day #1

FATHER’S DAY #1 | Mike Richardson | Gabriel Guzmán

As a mob enforcer he was called the Eastside Butcher, but twenty years later Silas has found peace. That is, until his abandoned daughter shows up to give him a piece of her mind . . . and unwittingly leads a legion of hit men to settle accounts with Silas!

* An action-packed crime thriller written by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson (The Secret, Cut, Atomic Legion).

* Illustrated by Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars, Cable, Kull).

FATHER’S DAY #1 is on sale October 22nd.

Retailers: FOC is Monday September 29th.

I’m a sucker for some old school action mixed in one liners galore and  it looks like Father’s Day, the latest comic coming from Dark Horse is going to have both in spades. Even in the few pages of the preview Silas daughter is busting out the comedy, like there is no tomorrow. It doesn’t hurt as well that Guzmán’s art is glorious.

I also love the tagline ‘How to be a good dad. . . Stop killing people!’

Check out the preview and let us know what you think.


Blogger: Nuge
Source: Dark Horse

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