Countdown to The Northants International Comic Expo – Panels, Publishers, Dealers and Small Press Oh My!

So here we are on step of our countdown to the  Northants International Comic Expo. On my last countdown I gave you a general taste of what to expect from the convention well this time round I thought I would go a little more in-depth about what to expect on the day.


What would a comic convention be without panels? Well I guess it would just be a lot of wandering about looking for comics to buy and read, which is not exactly a chore is it? Anyway this is not the case with N.I.C.E who have laid on  a nice selection of panels for people to check out. You can find the panels listed on the website but I’ve stuck them below as well.


Panel Time Length
Storytelling- A meeting of mind with Alan Davis 11.20pm 40 mins
Stormdogs With David Hine & Doug Braithwaite 12.30pm 40 mins
Panel to Screen with Greg Staples, Adi Granov & Charlie Adlard 1.30pm 40 mins
Jack Kirby Influences in modern comics with John Watson, Doug Braithwaite, Shaky Kane and Russell Payne from the Jack Kirby Museum 2.30pm 40 mins
Erotic Art and Censorship in Comics with Melinda Gebbie, Tony Bennett and Paul Gravett 3.30pm 40 mins
Alan Moore How to Write Comics and Q&A 6.00pm 120 mins


Panel Time Length
Drawing to create your own reality with Alan Davis 11.30am 40 Mins
Owning the Page with Doug Braithwaite, David Hine, Ian Churchill and Shaky Kane 1.00pm 40 Mins
Frank Bellamy a Retropect followed by a short film with Paul Holder. 2.00pm 40 Mins

Now there’s not as many panels as I’ve seen at some conventions I’ve been to in the past but one of the good things about this is you don’t get the dreaded ‘Panel Clash’ where  punters are forced to make an impossible choice between two of their favourite panels which been set to run at the same time.  It’s a pretty solid line up of guests on the panels and I would be looking to check out most,, if not, all of them. I’ve never been to a two-hour comic panel before let alone one with Alan Moore on it so that should be a fun one.

Next, we have a list of the Dealers, Publishers and some of the Small Press guys who will be in attendance. Regular comic convention attendees will recognise some of the names on the dealer and publishers list and some of the Small Press guys. I must admit I’ve not  seen some of these small press guys before so I’ll be taking a look at some of their website and given them a mention over the coming days.


Paul RaineyHuy Trong , Emily Brady, Louise Owen, Neil GibsonAstral GypsyDavid MillgateSubversive MediaAly FellLouise HoKev & EmilyAndrew ChevertonAndrew RadbourneSpencer KellySarah JonesWayne Bewley


MarkosiaMurky DepthsKnockabout Comics


N & A Comics, Brendon Irons, Ace Comics2 Tone ComicsLTD Edition Comix, Resurrection Comics

If you’re attending N.I.C.E and want to get  what you’re up to spotlighted on the GS website then please drop us a line at the [email protected]For those of you who haven’t bought a ticket yet the organisers have said that there are still tickets available on the website but now you can also buy your tickets on the door and at the Close Encounters comic shops in Northampton and Bedford.

Source: N.I.C.E
Reporter: Nuge

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