Countdown to Thought Bubble Comic Con 2011 – Day 2

So it’s day two and we are a day closer to the Thought Bubble Comic Convnetion…can I get an amen brother and sister comic fans????

Ok with that scary demand out of the way let’s focus on what we have to offer for today’s countdown.

Guests Galore.

Like all the big comic conventions Thought Bubble attracts and invites a plethora of talent from the world of comics and this year is no exception. Below is a list of a few of the guests to look out for…this is by no means everyone and I’m sure that a few guests will probably sneak in at the last moment that weren’t on the list.

Adam Hughes

Tim Sale

Gail Simone (who can’t seem to get enough of the UK after turning up at the MCM Expo earlier in the month).

David Aja

Rob Davis

Jeff Lemire

Posey Simmons

Ian Edginton (If you love Sherlock Holmes and haven’t ready any of Ian’s graphic novel adaptations of the great detective you are missing out!)

Doug Braithwaite

Rufus Dayglo

Al Ewing (you should hear this dude sing!)

Gary Erskine (no finer man in a kilt than you’re likely to see this year!)

Time Bomb Comics (No one and I mean no one can pull off a jacket like my man Steve Tanner from Time Bomb!)

And see the full list here!

Now of course I’ve not met every single guest on the list but I’ve met a enough of them on there to know these are all great and approachable people so take the time to go up and say hi if you love their work. I’m sure they would love the chance to have a chat with people who enjoy and appreciate the work that they do.

Party Time!

Thought Bubble Mid Convention Party 19:30 – 04:00, Alea Casino, 18+

If you are lucky enough to be one of the first 500 convention weekend ticket holders to buy your ticket in advance you Get the chance to party with our guests at our special mid convention party.

You will also have the chance to see hot new band Executive Legs (on at 20:00) Charlie Adlard and Phil Winslade’s band Mine Power Cosmic (on at 21:00) and after that listen to some fine tunes in to the night with our guest DJs Kieron Gillen, Jamie Mckelive, Antony Johston, Becky Cloonan, Boo Cook, and Jock.

The Thought Bubble After Party held at the Alea Casino has become the stuff of legend…comics finest dressed in their finest to celebrate the end of a great day and convention. This year with the con stretching to two days we will either see far more sensible drinking/partying habits on the Saturday night or a lot of sore heads on the Sunday. Seriously though if you’ve got a ticket for the night and have never been before you are in for a treat as it’s a fun night for all.  The Casino is also right next to the convention centre and my hotel…how’s that for a good location?

Exclusive Charity Rocketeer Print  Available at Thought Bubble

I’ve only just seen this news as I was looking on the Thought Bubble website for news for today’s countdown. £15 for this fantastic print celebrating the legend that is the Rocketeer artist  the late Dave Stevens is a bloody bargain in my book and I really hope I can score one of these for myself as I’m a big fan of the character. As the fact it’s a bargain and you get a great print for your wall all profits go The Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation 

This year, Thought Bubble is proud to offer its visitors a world exclusive, limited edition Rocketeer print featuring artwork by the late artist Dave Stevens. All proceeds from the sale of the print will go to The Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation ( Dave Steven sadly died of leukemia in March 2008.

The print has been created from an original sketch by Dave Stevens and finished by award-winning colorist Laura Martin, who has worked extensively for numerous comic-book publishers including DC and Marvel.

The idea for the print came to Thought Bubble volunteer Tim Wilson after first seeing the artwork grace a cover of TwoMorrow Publishing’s ‘Back Issue’ magazine. As an avid collect of Dave Stevens work, Tim contacted the publisher to inquire about the artwork and was put in contact with Rocketeer Trust representative Kelvin Mao. After getting approval to proceed with the project from The Rocketeer Trust, Kelvin brought designer Serban Cristescu (known for his work on The Simpsons and Futurama comics) on board to aid with the design work.

Once the design was complete Tim then worked with Yorkshire-based printing company Impress Printers ( who kindly agreed to produce the print for free, ensuring that all the money made from the sale of the print goes to the charity.

“As a fan of Dave Stevens for many years I saw this as an opportunity to both celebrate his astounding work whilst raising much-needed funds for charity”, said Tim. “With the help of Kelvin, Serban, Laura Martin’s amazing colours and the kind generosity of Impress Printers, we have together produced a fitting tribute to a much-missed master of his craft.”

The print is limited to 100 copies, will sell for £15 and be exclusively on sale at the Thought Bubble festival taking place in Leeds, UK on the 19th and 20th of November 2011.

Comic Pimps of the Day

Just one today from artist Conor Boyle wanting everyone to know that Dark Judgement 2 will be launching at Thought Bubble this weekend

pencil_monkey Conor Boyle

 Dark Judgement 2 launches at TB written by@richmcauliffe_ lettered by @CampbellLetters and drawn by some chancer… 🙂
Knowing the lads involved and the fact I read teh first Dark Judgement I reckon the follow up is going to be a cracking read. As well as picking up a copy from Thought Bubble this weekend you can also order a copy (there’a bundle deal in there as well to pick up Dark Judgement 1) from the Future Quake website.
Here’s a quick quote from writer Rich Mcauliffe on what people can expect from the sequel.
As with the first issue this book contains four stories each dealing with one of the Dark Judges and attempting to take them back to their less comedic roots. In other words its pretty nasty.
I’ll save the last word on Dark Judgement for Conor himself along with some  fantastic art work from the comic.

Here are two non-lettered pages from the upcoming Dark Judgement 2 comic, available from the FutureQuake stall (table 154, Savilles Hall) at Thoughtbubble.A princely sum of two whole English pounds gets you 36 pages featuring Judges Fear, Fire, Mortis and Death, and no sign of the comic pantomime that they were dragged kicking and screaming into in later 2000AD tales. They’re running riot and the citizens of Mega City 1 are running scared. Previews have been very positive so grab one while they’re still available!

And that’s it for today’s countdown folks see you tomorrow!
Tickets are still available to buy online for Thought Bubble at and can also be bought in person on both days!
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