DC Comics Art Exhibition Planned to Coincide with the World Premiere of ‘Batman Live’ in Manchester

An Exhibition of DC Comic art sounds like a great idea to celebrate the world wide launch the Batman Live stage show. The fact they are going to have art from the Batman and Superman animated shows makes it well worth a look see.

The exhibition well be held from 14th July – 4th August 2011 at the Generation Pop Art Gallery in  Manchester and is free to attend.

“Perfect Alliance” – A DC exhibition


Coinciding with the world premiere of ‘Batman Live’ in Manchester, Award winning art gallery Generation Pop will be hosting the official DC art collection.

Artwork being flown over from Los Angeles will include illustrative art by DC artists such as Alex Ross and Jim Lee, production artwork from Superman and Batman the animated series, as well as hand signed pieces by DC writers such as Paul Dini.

DC artwork is hugely collectable in the USA and with an ever growing fan base here in the UK, the gallery is expecting fans to visit from all around the country.

As well as the world premiere of ‘Batman Live’ this year, next July sees the release of the next Batman film which Warner Bros hopes will be even bigger then the $1 Billion grossing ‘The Dark Knight’ so this exhibition is perfectly timed.

 GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Generation Pop Art Gallery

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