Dean Trippe and Something Terrible receives Kickstarter Backing

Something Terrible is a beautifully and carefully written web comic dealing with Dean Trippe’s own childhood trauma, now it has received over  450% backing for it to come to print.

I read Something Terrible online after a friend showed it to me.  I instantly related to Dean Trippe, who discovered in Batman a way to make it through what he went through and find safety in a world where the bad guys do get caught, as I have a very similar relationship to Barbara Gordon.

I needed to buy the full story read it all and for only $0.99, it was worth it. The artwork gives a Wizard of Oz feel with blue and white being used throughout until the last panel when Dean is shown that there is a place he will be safe. An image which has done the rounds over recent months.

You'll be safe here

You’ll be safe here

Now Dean is taking the book to print with the help of nearly 1,000 fans on Kickstarter. With two weeks left this book is guaranteed to get printed with the $6,400 goal being completely smashed. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book because despite the story being aimed at adults I know there are a lot of teenagers who I know would benefit from reading this book and seeing that they are not alone. I also can’t wait to get my own print of the You’ll be safe here panel which is going to go near my desk in my classroom as it is a wonderful piece of art.

With amazing reviews from Greg Pak, Joe Glass, Chris Burnham and many, many more I am so happy that internet has taken this story to heart and is funding this wonderful book.

This project ends on the 2nd February and will be funded so it is a safe bet if you want to invest in a fantastic book that helps explain the true power of superheroes and comics.

Source: Kickstarter
Reporter: Amy

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